Im Concerned with my Butt, It Seems to Droop Down on my Right Side, Why?! Is It Fixable and How Much Can be Fixed?

Im 6wks out of surgery, this is my second butt fat transfer, the first was not as good because I had a Tummy tuck done at same time and had to sit on my butt most of the time with pillows underneath. My butt is sagging/drooping on my right side and I dont like it. Why? Can something help it or fix it? Also I have more of an indention I already had but now it looks really bad and worst. Why? I am tired of taking time off for surgery. Is there anything besides surgery to help my issues/

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Postop drooping following buttock augmentation

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In examining your buttocks they appear to have a very satisfactory result. The sagging on the right side is barely noticeable( at least on the photo). You have much better shape than preoperatively. It's important to appreciate the fact that while we alll strive to achieve as close to operfection as possible, often at times there may be mild imperfections and or asymmetry. In your case I would not suggest that you have anything elese done to your buttocks.

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