Concern over Lack of Movement After Orbital Floor Repair? (photo)

My boyfriend had an orbital floor fracture and the plastic surgeon said it needed to have the surgery to repair it. After the surgery he said he had double vision in the affected eye and that everything was slanted sideways from the eye. The POST OR nurse noticed that his eye was not moving when she asked him to follow her finger at all when going left to right and only slightly when going up and down. The resident of the OR doc said he hadn't seen that before but hopes that is from swelling.

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Lack of Movement After Orbital Floor Repair

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It would be beneficial to answering this question if a timeline was revealed; time of injury, time of surgery after injury; time when motility evaluations were made.  It is not unusual to have motility deficits following surgery for orbital floor fractures.  However, they tend to resolve over time. I suggest your boyfriend followup with the operating surgeon.

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