Concern With Higher Fraxel Restore Settings For Darker Skin Complexion?

I've had hx of superficial acne scars that my derm recommended fraxel restore treatments. He and I agreed on 2 treatments spread 6 weeks apart. My first fraxel was 3 weeks ago, and he used 70 setting which I believe is the highest? He said best results are there. My skin is still minimally red only where laser touched just underneath eyes; rest of face is normal. I'm happy w/ improvements. With one more treatment, any concern to use that high of setting for medium-dark (Hispanic) complexion?

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Acne Scars and Hispanic Skin

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Fraxel is becoming the gold standard treatment for acne scars.  You are quite correct about being careful with your skin type because of the risk of hyperpigmentation.  It sounds like you had a good result with the Fraxel laser.  If you need to go higher in energy in your treatments you may need eMatrix instead to treat the remainder of the acne scars.  Please let me know how your results progress.

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