Concern About Cosmetic or to Correct Bite. What is the Difference?

When I visit my orthodontist the first time, he asked what is my main concern, cosmetic or to correct my bite. I would like to know what is the difference and does that affect my treatment? I sure want to look better, but I thought that correct my bite would do the trick. However I had seen some people who had done with braces and they look different compare to before, but in a bad way! Like a girl who has an oval face before, and after she done with braces her face became longer and looks older

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Orthodontic treatment can effect you and change your face. You are very insightful and observant. You are going to need to find just the right Ortho to work with you, to take the time to listen to your thoughts, worries and concerns enough for you to feel they are on the same page as you before you begin. I would encourage you to take photos with you, ask them to copy them for their records and review. Show what you like and don't like. You may also enjoy the website

To know what your doing with enhance your natural appearance not detract you want to move your proportions closer to a Phi relationship, see web site.

Also keep in mind that those results you have not liked-they may love.

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Orthodontics used for Cosmetic or Bite Problems

You did not mention the reason you are seing an orthodontist so I will assume it is to straighten your teeth. Orthodonbtics is used to straighten or move teeth into the proper alignment in your mouth as well as to correct a crossbite, overbite, underbite, crowding etc.  Your orothodontist will be able to tell if your bite if off and needs correcting.When your bite is off, your teeth wear down. You use muscles that create stress and pain in your jaw (TMJ) when your bite is not right. With bite correction and teeth proplerly aligned, the side benefit is a beautfiul smile and healthy gums and teeth.  So I would look at the Cosmetic benefit as a side benefit to a bite correction which if not done sooner or later can wear your teeth down and your looking at more dental work ahead,

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