Compression Garments Following Posterior Body Lift/thigh Lift?

I am scheduled for flankoplasty with an inner thigh lift and lipo soon. My surgeon uses an abdominal binder immediately following this surgery as he feels the groin incisions are irritated by a garment. He will put me in a garment once drains are removed. My fear is that 7 - 10 days w/o a compression garment, esp. with lipo of the thighs and inner knees, may compromise the results. Are my fears unfounded? Are there garments that provide compression, but avoid the groin incisions? Thank you!

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Thight Lift

Hello and thanks for your Question

I do not think that not wearing garments immediately will alter the results of the thigh lift.  The garments do help with some swelling, bruising and seroma control, however this can also be achieved with some dressing bandages being applied around the thighs till the wounds are healed enough to wear the compression garments.

Good Luck with your planned surgery

Stephen Salerno

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