Compression Garments After Vaser?

I have a small body frame 5'7",109lbs,33" hips and had Vaser 3 weeks on some small areas.Since I am small, the garments that my surgeon provided post-op were not tight on me and on the 1 week post-op he said that he didn't have anything that would fit me and advised to just find something that is tight.So, I've been wearing Spanx during the day and his garment,which is now loose during the night.I am worried that not wearing medical garments would compromise the final results.Am I right?

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Post-lipo compression

Although there is no evidence that tight compression is necessary after liposuction, I do provide my patients with a first stage gurment for the first 7-10 days and a second stage (light) guarment for the following 6-8 weeks which acts more as support rather than compression. A compression guarment is meant to reduce the third spacing post-lipo but if the guarment is too tight or worn too long it may infact worsen  post-liposuction swelling by compressing the lymphatics and the venous return channels. If you do not have a compression guarment that fits you well, then the Spanx are a good alternative. Post-operative skin massage allows for good redraping of the skin. Skin contraction and smooth skin texture are not the same thing and compression alone will not guarantee smooth and even skin tightening after liposuction.

Also, I advise all my patients to wear a compression guarment (made by Nike, Under Armor etc.) anytime they engage in high impact activity for the rest of their lives to support the skin and minimize shearing or tearing of the skin with impact. Your skin has its own weight and it will move up and dowm with running and jumping and just like breast tissue, the skin will sustain micro tears causing gradual sagging. Supporting the skin will improve long term cosmetic results.

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Importance of Using Compression Garments After Vaser?

Liposuction, VASER or otherwise, involves creating hundreds of channels in the under the skin fat which must be compressed to minimize their filling with fluid. Such compression allows the skin to be re-draped properly on the smaller framework and controls to a greater degree the way the healing takes place.

However, compression after 3 weeks may not be nearly as effective than that initiated at the end of surgery. In my opinion, it is a good practice to CHECK that the compression garment actually fits the patient BEFORE surgery. It is not worth scrambling after liposuction is finished to try and obtain proper compression while the swelling begins taking place.

At this point, there is not much that can be done. I DO think that wearing the well fitting spanx most of the time is the way to go until your surgeon feels it is no longer needed.

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