Best Compression Garment Recommendation?

I am going to have smart Lipo in a week and want to make sure I get the best results. My Doc suggested Spanx but is that not enough of a compression? I want to be able to wear my work out clothes over it so lines are not wanted. Please tell me what is THE best garment

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Spanx is marginal compression and can be used under more robust garments available.  Numerous ones are available, and the one that fits the best, is the best one.  Obtain one from your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon as they screen for the best ones.

SmartLipo compression garment

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Compression is very importatant after SmartLipo. Compression helps control swelling after liposuction. It is very importatant to use garment desinged for liposuction patients. Most baord certified plastic surgeons will recommend a medical compression garment to their patients during consultation. We use Marena garments in my practice. Am not sure if spanx was designed for medical use. I hope your surgeon is a plastic surgeon!

Best Liposuction Compression Garments

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The best liposuction compression garments are the medical compression garments made by companies such as Marena.  They are very strong, but thin, so that you can wear them under clothes without them being visible.  They are a little more expensive than spanx, but they are stronger and do a better job.  You want the garments to be firm enough that you have trouble getting in to them initially.  I hope this helps.

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