It is difficult to close up, is my compression garment too tight?

I bought a compression garment for my surgery next month. It is difficult for me to button up now (I have to get help from my husband) without any surgery being done. But once it is buttoned (or clasped) - it does not hurt or feel too constricting (it feels tight but I can wear it all day without a problem or without rolls happening). I'm usually a large in clothin and that's the size I bought. I'm just worried - is it too tight because it is difficult for me to close it?

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Compression garments are best left up to the lipo doc to supple.

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You should not have to buy your lipo garments on your own ahead of time since only your doc will know after the lipo what size and style best fits you. We supply 2 for the patients and have all the styles and sizes. Your garment may or may not be right but bring it to the lipo surgery and your doc will see if it works. Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Impossible to best inform you without seeing the garment. But I like the garment to be tight and it sounds like the garment might very well be a good size.

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