Compression Garment or Binder?

It seems some PS's use binders and some use compression garments with a tummy tuck. What is the reason they choose 1 over the other? I am getting a compression garment- does it have to do with lipo or not having I am having lipo. Thanks a head of time to anyone who answers.

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Binder or Compression Garmet

In my view those are more or less interchangeable. What is important is understand why extra support is needed.

For the muscle that were tightened a "splint" is helpful to decrease the pull on the sutures and to decrase the pain.

For the skin, we need to remember that the skin was separated from the muscles in order to tighten those. This leaves a space where fluid can accumulate. The sooner the skin "sticks" back to the muscles the better will the healing proceed. The support keeps the skin against the muscles.

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We typically use compression garments with a binder for added support on all TT procedures.  It has worked well for many years

Edward J. Bednar, MD
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Compression garment vs. binder post tummy tuck and lipo.

The methods your describe support the soft tissue, decrease, edema, and provide a good environment for the skin and soft tissue to adhere to the soft tissue underneath.  Each surgeon may use a different protocol.  It is OK to ask about his/her particular rationale.  

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
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