Compression Bra over Long Terms Okay?

Hi , we all know that it can be somehow beneficial to wear a compression bra after BA, but would it be ok to wear it for longer periods of time (months) , or might it even be somehow "dangerous"? I somehow find them to be the most comfortable ones and do experience pain after a few hours in a "normal" bra. Thanks, C

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Bra after Breast Augmentation

Thank you for your question.

I suggest that patients wear a bra that is comfortable to them after the 1st month of wearing the surgical bra.  I suggest that you don't use a bra that is pushing your implants one way or another unnaturally.

Maybe it's best to show your surgeon the bra you are wanting to wear to get his/her Ok to do so.


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Compression bra after breast augmentation longterm effects

To answer your question, so long as your bra is not compressing or rubbing against any incisions, or is not pushing your breasts unnaturally, I don't think you are hurting anything.


Having said that, I don't require patients to use compression bras in general after breast augmentation.  I don't think it is necessary if the procedure is done correctly.  I think that avoiding an underwire bra in a patient with inframammary incisions is important to optimize the incision.  I tell them to avoid them for 3 months post-op.  After this period, I don't restrict them.



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Bra after surgery

A comfortable bra is most important.  I do not think that a specific bra long term makes a big difference.

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