Can I Use Composite Filling Under Veneer? What Kind of Cement Should I Use?

I am a dentist and i have a case with 2 old ceramic crowns on 2 upper centrals and need to replace it with new crowns and 2 veneers on the laterals..there is also decay on one treatment plane is to replace the 2 crowns with Empress+2 questions are: 1-how can i adjust the shade with the cement to be same in full crowns and veneers? (i have RelyX unicem cement and RelyX veneer cement) 2-can i use composite filling for the decay under veneer?how veneer can bond to composite

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Veneer cementation, etc

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I would take your question and ask it on a site like Dentaltown which is more geared to answer that type of question.  I think you need more CE if you need help.

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Composite Filling and Cement Under Veneers

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My understanding is that this is a forum for dental patients, NOT DENTISTS!

I sincerely believe that you should NOT be doing "Cosmetic Dentistry" without the proper continuing education, including "hands-on courses", and "practice, practice, practice!

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Anterior veneers and crowns

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Completely agree with my previous colleague! This is the forum for patients, not for the dentists. And based on the types of questions that you`re asking, you definitely shouldn`t do any aesthetic work! How you`re planning to replace the crowns with veneers? You definitely need to get more education before you will start to treat such patients!

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