Composite Filling Sensitivity and Aching?

I got one several yrs ago and have had problems ever since. Immediately I noticed sensitivity to hot and cold. My tooth aches down deep and the gums are swollen around it. This happens from time to time. I know it's the filling. He was having a problem getting it the proper height and would take more off. I asked my new dentist to check the x-rays to see if it was cracked, but it wasn't. He said he can replace it. What could it be? I hope it's not serious. Will removing & replacing it work? HELP

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Sounds like you need a root canal

I am wondering if your dentist never told you about the possibility that you might need a root canal. If it is not cracked, maybe the filling is getting close to the pulp and that pain will not vanish until you get a root canal.

Bad Filling

This could be for a number or reasons.


Maybe your dentist got to close to the pulp of your tooth and this is providing the sensitivity, hopefully not.

The filling could also be leaking

He might of forgot to put a base on the filling

It could also be old filling material

Have him analyze it well before he removes it and replaces it

Irma Gavaldon, DDS, MS
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