Could This Be a Compliclication to Silicone Implants?

Hi, I had silicone implants on 4/15/11.The past week ive felt like I could feel the implant towards the bottom of my left breast.The bottom and towards the inside of the breast is firm and now a little sore.The rest of the Breast is as soft as the right.It kind of feels like the actual implant. it's uncomfortable when I sleep on my stomach and I'm worried it might be a serious complication.i go to my surgeon on 12/5/11 & I'm not sure if I should make a emergency apt. What could it be? Thank you

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Breast Implant Firm and Sore

While it is common to be able to feel the breast implant in the lower part of the breast, you may want to call your surgeon's office to give them more details about what is going on.



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You may be just feeling the implant

Now that the implant has settled, you may be feeling the implant which would explain why it feels different now to you. Firmness may also be a sign of capsular contracture. Just like my colleagues said, it is impossible to know what it is without examining you. You should see your plastic surgeon. It is probably not an emergency but you should as soon as possible.

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Could This Be a Compliclication to Silicone Implants?

If you are posting here I recommend a urgent visit to your PS to evaluate this issue. For peace of mind. 

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Implat issue

Without an exam, it is impossible to tell you whether or not you have a problem.  But, in general patients will be able to feel their implants more so in the lower pole.

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Breast implant complication

It is impossible to evaluate this without a consultation so my advice would be to contact your plastic surgeon on Monday, describe your symptoms and follow his recommendation as to the timing of your visit.

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Complication after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question.

It is difficult to give you good advice without direct examination.

However, based on your description, it sounds like you are  feeling the left breast implant at the bottom and medial aspect of the left breast. Since you are about 7 months out of your surgery this could be consistent with “settling” of the implant  and increased palpability.  If the implant is close to the under surface of the skin it may be “uncomfortable”...

For your own peace of mind,  I'm sure your plastic surgeon will see you earlier for direct examination and  recommendations.

I hope this helps.

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Complication to silicone implants

An exam is necessary to determine whether or not there is an issue. If the redness gets worse and or you have a fever, I highly recommend you get into your surgeon as soon as possible.

Jeffrey Hartog, MD
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