Complications of Replacing Breast Implants with Smaller Size?

I have had a Mastectomy with two stage Breast reconstruction. The 585cc gel Breast implant feels too big for me and I want it changed to 495cc's.

Would this mean the implant would move around in the pocket?

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If you down size your implants after reconstruction, it may make the surrounding tissue sag some more.

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Breast Implant reconstruction, changing size

Actually, it depends upon the type of implant being used for the reconstruction. If you have a smooth round silicone impnat, implant motion is desirable and may make the breast feel more natural. If you ae using a highly cohesive gel implant, it would be a problem unless one tightens the capsule down.

I believe that you should go down at least 80 - 100 cc to see a difference, so you selection of size maybe great

Richard Greco, MD
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Down Sizing

Yes this does mean that there will be loose skin and that implant will not fill out the implant pocket as well as the original implant. Having said that, a capsulorrhaphy, which is tightening the pocket from the inside can be done at the same time when the implants are switched out. This procedure however is not always 100% and has a tendency to not hold in some cases.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
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