Can I Get Complications 5 Months After a Le Forte 1 Osteotemy?

In May 2012, I had surgery to correct my under bite (Le Forte 1 Osteotemy). I took all extra precautions and made sure I didn't eat anything that could possibly loosen the screws put in to hold my jaw in place. Now we're in October & I thought my problems were over but this morning I bit into a bagel and felt a jolt of pain in my upper right jaw. Its night time & the pain hasn't gone away! Could I have loosened the screws 5 months after the surgery? I'm seeing my surgeon in Nov for a post op.

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Orthognathic Jaw Surgery Complications

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There is a possibility of loosening screws at any point after a LeFort 1 osteotomy.  Was your osteotomy 1 piece or multiple pieces? Sharp jolts of pain can be caused by numerous problems including fracture of plates or screws or even a fracture of the healing bones itsel.  These are rare occurrences, but you must call your surgeon ASAP for he/she to evaluate your symptoms and correct any issues if present.

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