Complications from IPL?

I had IPL done four days ago and I had three days of severe swelling and now marks on my face that look like wide cuts. They have not "hardened" or scabbed.

My concern is that I am suffering complications from the procedure. After doing research, I was under the impression that this was a very safe procedure to have done with little to no risk of a disaster happening.

Should I be concerned or give my face the full week of healing time to worry and call my doctor's office?

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See your doctor today.

IPL procedures can burn the skin, and if these problems are not addressed properly, changes in skin pigment (probably darkening in Fla. sun) or scarring could result. Strict sun avoidance is critical, and topical hydrocortisone may be of benefit until you can seek immediate medical attention.

Please see your doctor today for proper evaluation and management. I'm sure your physician would like to know that you're having a problem, and he or she would be the best source of information and treatment.

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