Breasts Still Uneven After Surgery - Can I Get a Revision?

I was small A. one breast was litte bit smaller than other, had my operation 1 month ago. Surgion used 245c and 280 to ballance the size. Now i have even bigger difference between size small one looks much bigger. Also i have told i am gonna be size full c to d but i am only size b can i reoperated again?

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Weight 6 months before revision after breast augmentation surgery.

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You are still early after your breast augmentation. When you start out with an asymmetry, achieving perfect symmetry is difficult even with different sized implants. One month is early and you will be surprised how over the next 2-3 months the implants will change in shape and appearance size. Be sure to ask your Dr. if differential breast displacement exercises would help and can be done.

Breasts Still Uneven After Surgery - Can I Get a Revision? I month is too early

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Breasts Still Uneven After Surgery - Can I Get a Revision? One month is too early. Wait at least 6 months before considering revision

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Revison breast augmentation

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You need to wait to have a revision.. This can often be done in 4-6 months inmany cases.  But you should give it some more time to heal because you are very likely still swollen.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Unhappy with BAM

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My opinion is that it is too early for you to consider revision surgery.  You should wait for about 9 months to allow for things to settle and swelling to subside.

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