Complications After Facial Liposuction and My Smile Isn't the Same?

Two years ago I had liposuction of the cheeks above the nasolabial folds in order to correct them. Small blunt cannula was used. Unfortunately, I believe nerves were damaged because I can't smile like before. I wish I hadn't done this. What can I do now? Any suggestions or options? Can the nerves be fixed or improved? Who is an expert I can see? Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

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Complications After Facial Liposuction and My Smile Isn't the Same

Thank you for submitting your question.  I am sorry you are experiencing these issues.  Liposuction of the face is not commonly performed because of the contour deformities that may arise or nerve injuries. .After two years the nerve will not function.  Consult with a a board certified Plastic Surgeon for reconstructive options.  Best Wishes.

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Botox to help the appearance of facial assymetry

I am sorry to hear about your situation.  Most of the nerve regeneration has happened by now as you are two years after surgery.  Occasionaly, Botox injection on the normal side can help bring symmetry back to your face.  You will need a thorough examination before this can be done of course.

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