Complication After Laser Scar Removal Procedure? (photo)

I'm 27. One year ago I started laser skin resurfacing to get rid of two small scars on my leg. They were scars after ingrown hair. I went through five procedures in one laser centre, the scars didn't go away. I did two more procedures with Cutera Fraxel Laser, the last one a one month ago. I think they burned me. The doc also made cortisone shots into my scars, now my skin's a bit recessed and looks purple. If the burns look like this after a month, do I have a chance they'll get lighter?

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Laser scar revision

scar revision may be accomplished in many different ways. Cortisone shots can help lessen the thickening of new collagen in scars but it can induce more blood vessels and cause a darker color. It can also create an indentation from over thinning of the subcutaneous tissues. You should see an experienced board certified dermatologist as the lesion appears not dissimilar from a benign dermatofibroma which is doubtfully caused by an ingrown hair. 

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Laser Scar Removal

 First, do you know for a fact that the lesions were scars and not a scar-like growth called a dermatofibroma? Did you see a dermatologist to confirm the diagnosis first?

  Second, you just need to take a break from any form of treatment for at least one year. If you have had 7 procedures in one year, you have really been over-treated. Legs take a VERY long time to heal. Use a sunscreen and don't even think about further treatment until this time next year.

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