Is It Possible to Completely Remove a White Ink Tattoo? If So, Will the Skin Still Have the Outline of the Tattoo After?

I was considering IPL but was told white ink turns dark and is harder to remove. Then I asked a lady about using TCA and she said the skin would have the outline of the tattoo even is the ink has been removed.

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White tattoo ink

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white tattoo ink has a high chance of turning black with laser treatment.  In some cases the black can be removed by further laser treatment but this may not be possible.

Since the tattoo ink is in the dermis (the layers deeper in the skin), TCA or other methods that remove the skin surface would have a risk of scarring if they go deep enough to get rid of all of the ink.

I'd recommend consulting a dermatologist who treats tattoos to get an opinion on what if anything makes sense for your particular case.

Seattle Dermatologic Surgeon

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