Completely lost after asian double eyelid surgery + ptosis surgery (I need to be clarified please)? (photo)

Hi! I'm 19 y/o and asian. I got a double eyelid surgery to get a crease on my left eye. Both eyes were operated because the plastic surgeon didn't want to risk doing it on only one eye. I got a 2nd surgery (ptosis this time) by him only on my left eye. 5 months passed; I don't know why my eye doesn't want to form a crease. I know you cannot operate several times because of complications but would a 3rd surgery get me the crease I want? Should I go see an ophthalmologist next time? Thank you!

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The ptosis and the creation of the fold could have been done at the same time.

The second procedure, ptosis, in your case probably released the sutures and inner scar and that is why you lost the fold. You will need an ophthalmologist to measure the ptosis (I think you have recurrence of your ptosis), then need another surgery to correct all.

Samir Shureih MD. FACS

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Asian eyelid surgery and ptosis

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sometimes when performing ptosis surgery what is missed is the creation of a crease at the same time.  I wouldn't say that you need to see an ophthalmologist for the surgery exactly but simply someone who performs ptosis surgery on Asian patients frequently.  Unfortunately this Dr. is fairly rare.  With the amount of information and the photographs you gave me it hard for me to give you useful information so I apologize.

I'll attach some information that hopefully you find useful

Chase Lay, MD

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Chase Lay, MD
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