Does Completely Excised Mean Clear Margins?

I initially had a punch biopsy done for a mole. Because the diagnosis was "Lentiginous Junctional dysplastic nervus with moderate atypia, focally extending to the peripheral margin", I had a re-excision done. The final diagnosis is "residual pericicatrical atypical intraepidermal melanocytic proliferation, completely excised". Does "completely excised" mean that the margins were clear? The excised skin measured 2.3cm lenght and 1.2cm width, 0.6 cm depth. The pigmented area measures 0.2x0.2 cm.

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Clear margins for an atypical nevus

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Yes, a mole (nevus) that is "completely excised" means that the margins are clear. In our office, we will do an excision with suture closure to get clear margins for all moles that have moderate to severe atypia. Because of the increased risk of developing another atypical mole in the future, we also follow all of our "atypical mole" patients by doing full skin examinations every six months.

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