If I Havent Completed Full Orthodontic Treatment and Go Straight Ahead with Veneers What Will Happen?

I had a Demon brace fitted approx 3 months ago and I'm really fed up with it. so have looked into having the top off and 10 veneers fitted whilst keeping the bottom brace on, as those teeth won't need any work. I have been told by the orthodontist that this really isnt wise even with a retainer. But the cosmetic dentist says this will be fine.... I really don't know what to do? can someone please give me some impartial advice.... thank you

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If I do not complete orthodontics, can I go ahead with my porcelain veneers?

Orthodontics is straightening of teeth which porcelain veneers can do very easily also.  An orthopedic bite position is when the doctor finds harmony between the jaw joint, teeth and the muscles.  Most orthodontists are not finding  positions, in my opinion that are orthopedic.  My advice is to go ahead with the porcelain veneers.  They will look better than your natural teeth, and you will be happy.  Good luck to you.  Dr. David Frey

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