How Much Does a Complete Treatment with Damon Braces Cost in London?

How Much Does a Complete Treatment with Damon Braces Cost in London?

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Here is my Best Guess

Unfortunately I can't really give you a specific cost because they vary between orthodontists and depend on other factors in your treatment, but I would say a good number to expect is between £2500-3500.

Allentown Orthodontist

How much do braces cost?

Getting braces is a lot like having a portrait painted. While there are some costs for materials (i.e. the wires and brackets), most of the costs are for the process and the outcome. As with a portrait, you are not only paying for the skills of the orthodontist, you are also covering the costs of the support team, the facility, and countless other expenses that go into running "the business." Costs differ between orthodontists because of differences in location, technique, what is included, and yes, the skill and experience of "the artist." The best way to find out how much braces cost in your area is to get a no-cost examination and estimate. When it comes down to making your decision on who you'll have create a masterpiece in your mouth, consider all of these variables and not just who can paint the cheapest picture.

Greg Jorgensen, DMD, MS
Albuquerque Orthodontist

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