Complete Detachment of Septum with Bench Remodeling?

I had a primary rhinoplasty. Though my nose did not present outside deformity, the septum was severely deviated and it looked post-traumatic. My surgeon has used a particular method. He completely detached the septum, then remodeled it in a straight shape and put it back in with sutures. I understand that they usually take out the deviated part instead. Is the technique used on me normal? I will likely need revision, will the used technique pose a problem for a future surgeon?

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Complete Detachment of Septum with Bench Remodeling?

When difficult cases arise then the surgeon must be prepared to undertake the task.  That’s why it is important that you see a board certified Plastic Surgeon. Bravo to your surgeon. You should have a great result.

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For a severely deviated septum, sometimes the entire septum is removed, fixed and put back

This procedure is uncommon but sometimes necessary. It is technically difficult to perform but for a very crooked septum should yield superior results. The procedure is called septal decortication. The addition of a wonderful new product (available in Europe for over 10 years so its very safe) called PDS foil makes this procedure even better.

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Back Table Septal Reconstruction

    I would venture to say that your surgeon who did back table septal reconstruction is extremely skilled, as most surgeons would be intimidated by this approach.  Also, I would say that this approach may have been the best alternative depending upon the anatomy.  Yes, many surgeons will just remove a septal deflection.  However, your septum was probably not amenable to simple resection as the L-strut and nasal spine were likely involved.  If your result is better than before, you should probably consider letting the surgeon who performed the first surgery perform the revision.

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