How Would You Compare Rejuvenation Results of EMatrix to the Result of Portrait?

I had Portrait resurfacing about 5 years ago, had good results but was extremely painful with a long down time. As far as result, how do you think the eMatrix treatment stands up? I am looking for improvement with lines/wrinkles, more firmness to the skin, removal of redness and texture improvement. I am mostly interested in treatment of my neck and chest but could use improvement on my crows feet and frown lines. I will be 50 in August. Thanks Robin

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EMatrix versus Portrait

Thank you for your question.

I don't have experience with Portrait but eMatrix uses sublative RF energy and helps with fine wrinkles on the lips and under the eyes and around the corners of the eyes; it helps with ane scars and eliminates mild hyperpigmentation. It is excellent in pigmented skin as well.

Dr Karamanoukian

Buffalo General Surgeon
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