How Common is Swelling from Sculptra for Acne Scar Treatment?

Are there any negative side effects, such as pain or swelling, when using Sculptra to correct or conceal acne scars? If so, how long will these side effects occur?

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Swelling from Sculptra for acne treatment

For deep, rolling scars, subcision followed by Sculptra injections can be quite effective.

For any other acne scars Sculptra cannot help, but Laser resurfacing for boxcar scars and  Chemical Reduction of scars for Ice pick scars  are very effective. For large superficial scars, punch elevation of scars  is also effective.

Make sure that you are being treated by an experienced, Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic  Surgeon.

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Acne scar treatment with Sculptra

Although this is reported to help with this condition of Scarring, I do not perform Scultpra for these reasons. Swelling after Sculptra is common but often not as severe as with other filers.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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Acne Scars are Difficult

Dr. Schwartz is right.  Plus I would not use Ibuprophen before or after procedures because of added bleeding.  Stop Aspirim, Motrin, etc and use ice.  I have even performed a facelift to treat severe acne scars.

James Apesos, MD
Dayton Plastic Surgeon
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Sculptra is not effective as a treatment for acne scars

Since acne scarring typically occurs within the skin and Sculptra is injected beneath the skin, Sculptra would not be my first choice (or even my second or third choice) for treatment of acne scars. If I feel that an acne scar is likely to respond to injection of a filler, I will usually inject Restylane into the skin just beneath the scar. For deeper, bound-down acne scars many other, more aggressive treatments may be necessary such as dermabrasion or laser resurfacing.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
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Acne scar is one of the most difficult problems to treat

All injectables have the same issues r.e. bruising and swelling.  They can be decreased by :

  • stopping medications and foods and vits that create easy bruising
  • gentle technique
  • elevation and ice afterward

Most patients that we treat for improvement of acne will also need laser or dermabrasion to get a good result.

Dr. Mayl

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Nathan Mayl, MD (retired)
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Swelling and bruising from Sculptra is common

Sculptra treatments can cause a lot of swelling and bruising and thus are to be expected regardless of the reason one is receiving the treatments.  Ibuprofen and ice packs can often help with the swelling.  The swelling should not last more than 5-10days.

Daniel I. Wasserman, MD
Naples Dermatologic Surgeon
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