Is It Common to Have Sore Breasts After Implants?

I had a BA two weeks ago. I am 5 3" and 110lbs had 400cc R 375cc L ,sub pectoral, inframary incision (textured). I wake up every morning with my breasts feeling engorged like they did when I was breast feeding. It is winter here, will they feel like this every morning or is this a temporary healing stage?

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Is It Common to Have Sore Breasts After Implants?

Swelling, tenderness and upper fullness are very pronounced for the first two weeks, Range of motion and implant displacement exercises may ease the discomfort. For another 3 weeks it is common to have pain from 3-4 AM which can wake you as well.

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Swollen breasts

Since you just had sugery you have to give yourself some time heal.  This may take a few months for most of the swelling to disappear.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Grumpy morning "girls"

Your morning soreness certainly is not a reason for concern.  You are very early in the recovery process.  Your discomfort should improve over the next several weeks.

Enjoy your journey.

Dr. ES

Breast Augmentation and Sore Breasts

It is both common and expected to experience breast soreness following an augmentation mammoplasty, and more so with a dual-plane or sub-muscular approach as compared to a sub-glandular approach.  The soreness typically lasts up to 8 weeks, at which point most women experience near complete resolution of symptoms.  If you have questions or concerns,  contact your plastic surgeon.  

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" Morning" Boobs

This is a completely normal occurence for so early after surgery.  At night, everything is immobile and has a tendency to tighten up.  In the morning, you are then stiff and sore.  It takes about 4-6 weeks for this to fully go away, but it will.  Once the muscles relax and stretch, and the breast tissue stretches, everything will return to normal.  I hope this helps.

Christopher V. Pelletiere, MD
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Sore Breasts After Breast Augmentation

One can have sore breasts or implant discomfort from days to weeks depending on the size of the breast implant and how the surgery was performed. The discomfort usually subsides within days to weeks.

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Sore breasts after implants

This is very common post operative issue. It is self limiting and in most cases resolves in 8 weeks.  If still concerned call your surgeon.


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