What Are the Most Common Smile Makeovers Done on Front Teeth?

In particular, what options are available for large front teeth that are crooked?

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Quick Smile Makeovers

  •  Bleaching,  the most popular smile enhancement.
  • Bonding quick and simple
  • Veneers best results


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Smile Makeover for Large Crooked Front Teeth

You mentioned two problems that bothered you so let's address both.  First opition would be to straighten the teeth that are crooked and this can be accomplished through invisalign or traditional braces. Remember with either one you choose for straightening the teeth, once they are straight, you must wear a retainer to keep them in place.  As far as the size goes, it the front teeth are very large and not in proportion with the rest of the teeth, you could go with reduction of the size of the front teeth or aesthetic reconturing the teeth so they are proportional in size with the rest of the teeth.in your mouth. Also many people are happy with pretty straight big teeth, and you could do porcelain veneers on the teeth surrounding them so they would all look in proportion but larger.  It is really up to you and we are here to give you as many choices as possible...and you must be mindful of your budget because all of these procedures are costly.  So my advice to you is seek out more than one cosmetic dentist for prices and also for ideas and then make an educated decision that you are happy with and that is within your budget.

Smile Makeover for large crooked teeth.

Generally speaking there are a lot of procedures and "materials" that can be used to treat the problem of large and crooked teeth.  However out first goal should be conserving tooth structure and applying basic aesthetic principles. 

The crooked teeth should ideally be repositioned with orthodontics (Invisalign or traditional braces).  Once the teeth are in the right position then it really depends on the deficiencies that exist in the smile and the ultimate goal.  If the teeth are dark then whitening may work, if they are too small or large conservative porcelain veneers or dental bonding can be used to reshape the teeth and give a proportionate smile.  If the teeth are worn or broken down heavily then perhaps dental crowns can be used to re-establish strength.  All these factors need to be carefully evaluated and the best options explored. 

Dan Hagi, DDS
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Smile Makeover: Most common treatment for Front Teeth

Most commonly used restorations for a smile makeover are Porcelain Veneers followed by Porcelain Crowns.  If you have enough tooth structure than veneers will be the choice as they are more conservative treatment option requiring less tooth structure drilling.  To achieve the most beautiful results generally 8-10 of the front teeth are done.  This will depend on how many teeth you show when you smile.

Dan Haas, DDS
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Smile Makeover for Front Teeth

This can be a tough question to answer.  There are many different scenarios that go along with this.  If it is simply 4-6 teeth, then most likely veneers are the answer if shape and size fo the teeth need changing. If a person only wants teeth to be lighter, then simple bleaching may be the answer.  If a patietn does not want to bleach, wants the teeth to be permanenly changed and beautifully designed, then more than just the 6 teeth in the fron may be needed. A good cosmetic dentist will determine this for you depending on your desires, finances, and what he feels can be accomplished.  In our ffice we take photos of our patients and show them to the patient along with designing a smile on a large television screen. This allows the patient to see exactly what we are talking about and trying to accomplish.   This is a difficult question to answer simply due to the vast differences among patients and smiles!!!

Keith Blankenship, DDS
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