Most Common Reason to Get Mommy Makeovers?

i am curious to know what your patients say is the reason they are undergoing all the surgeries for a mommy makeover. is it to be attractive to their husbands? other reasons? i want a makeover but can't get the courage

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Mommy's reasons...

Most surgeons refer to a "mommy makeover" as a series of cosmetic surgery procedures intended to restore a woman’s figure after pregnancy. I perform these procedures as part of a “mommy makeover” for patients who want an improved figure after having children. Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can take a serious toll on a woman’s body, and many moms find that no amount of diet and exercise can restore their pre-baby figures.

Procedures commonly performed during mommy makeovers include:

Abominoplasty (tummy tuck)Breast Augmentation +/- Lift, or Breast Lift only without implants, liposuction

These procedures can be performed in one stage or multiple stages depending on the patient's goals, health status and other screening criteria. After pregnancy, breasts can lose their youthful position and shape, the tummy can become stretched and lose its tone, and extra fat may get deposited in areas that are not so flattering. The plastic surgery procedures above are intended to correct those conditions and help restore your pre-pregnancy figure.

Mommy makeover

Every woman has different motivation different goals and different anatomy; therefore each mommy makeover is unique and costumized  to benefit each individual woman’s needs. Mommy makeovers are designed to counteract the physical effects of childbearing and nursing or breastfeeding.  I have found that the best candidates for surgery are "self-motivated" wanting to feel better about themselves etc.

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Most Common Reason to Get Mommy Makeover?

Re: "curious to know what your patients say is the reason they are undergoing all the surgeries for a mommy makeover. is it to be attractive to their husbands? other reasons? i want a makeover but can't get the courage"

As much as a mother loves her child / children it is hard to look in the mirror on at photographs and wonder WHERE did the "Old you" go. It is grossly unfair that the cost of motherhood is a "Mommy Tummy", "Muffin Top" and stretch marks. Most women hate being photographed from the side and spend a lot of energy "sucking it in". Many resort to wearing baggy clothes to cover these imperfections.

In my practice, the vast majority of woman presenting for a Mommy Makeover want their "Before Baby Body" back. In most cases, a Tummy Tuck narrows the waist, flattens the tummy, raises a sagging Mons pubis and smooths Cellulite dimpling of the front thighs. Combined with liposuction of the back ("Back Scoop Surgery") the buttocks are greatly enhanced and appear larger and sexier. Breast Lift with or without Augmentation nicely rejuvenates sagging, deflated breasts.

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Dr. Peter A. Aldea


Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Mommy Makeover

My patients WANT TO GET THEIR BODY BACK.  Most of the mommy makeovers are for a breast lift or augmentation and a tummy tuck. 

Jay H. Ross, MD, FACS
Palm Harbor Plastic Surgeon
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Reasons for Getting a Mommy Makeover

Here are the most common reasons for a Mommy Makeover:

1.  Loose skin of the belly

2.  Laxity of the abdominal muscles causing a buldge

3.  Loss of volume in the breasts after breastfeeding

4.  Drooping of the nipples/areolae after breastfeeding

Pregnancy inevitably affects a woman's body.

You are undoubtedly familiar with some of the changes which occur with pregnancy and by extension, with age: a) Breast volume loss, sagging, nipple growth, stretch marks, disassociation of skin brassiere with breast tissue, etc. b) Abdominal wall weakness resulting in a bulge, stretch marks, umbilicus shape changes, fatty degeneration of the pubis; c) Facial hyperanimation wrinkles, fat accumulation under chin, jowls, fat wasting from the face, laxity of neck skin.  In polling prospective "Mommy Makeover" patients about their motivations for considering surgery, most observe that while they have worked to regain their bodies by diet, exercise, stress reduction but these "problem" areas are not responsive to diligent efforts.  They are not self-absorbed.  They simply want some "repair" work and undertake these "makeovers" with full realization that it's impossible to restore a "prepregnancy" appearance, yet the changes they see bother them enough to proceed.  Hope this helps.

Lavinia K. Chong, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Makeover for personal reasons

Each patient is different in their desire to have plastic surgery. Most just want to have the body that they had before becoming pregnant.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Mommy makeover is for pesonal reasons

Like all plastic surgery, my patients who have the mommy makeover do it for personal reasons and not to please someone else, which would be a poor reason. They may say things like "I just want my old body back" or "now it's time to do something for me." Often their husbands will say "I love her the way she is" but that she wants to do it so they support her. If you do get up the courage, you will find what most mommy makeover patients do, which is that it is a very positive life change.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Reasons for mommy makeover

Most my patients choose the mommy makeover because they are unhappy with the changes pregnancy has had on their body.   They desire their pre-pregnancy body back.     In addition, my patients feel that they have given so much of themselves to their children and loved ones, that they want to do something for themselves to improve their self esteem and confidence.  

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Reasons To Choose a Mommy Makeover

The typical Mommy Makeover patient is seeking to restore her body to it's pre-pregnancy state so that she can return to activities and clothes she enjoyed prior to children. These activities do include a satisfying sex life and patients do express a loss of sexual confidence if pregnancy has resulted in sagging breasts with a loss of volume , stretched abdominal skin and splayed abdominal wall muscles. Most distressing to a Mommy Makeover patient is to have an have an onlooker assume she is still pregnant. In addition, bathing suits and the current body hugging clothing styles accentuate the post pregnancy changes further undermining a woman's sense of well being. Finally, the athletic patient often finds that her core muscle strength has been severely compromised. Unfortunately , these physical changes will not respond to exercise and diet. Overwhelmingly Mommy Makeover patients are thrilled with their results even though the recovery requires some planning.

Carlin Vickery, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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