Is It Common to Have Problems with Irregular Astigmatism After PRK?

If someone develops irregular astigmatism after PRK surgery, is there any treatment for this condition? Will another surgery correct it?

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Irregular astigmatism after PRK

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Irregular astigmatism is not common and generally can be treated however severe irregular astigmatism may indicate ectasia (severe warping of the cornea).

New York Ophthalmologist

Irregular astigmatism is extremely uncommon after modern PRK

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Although irregular healing was seen with older lasers, with the modern lasers available now, it is extremely uncommon.  If it should occur, treatment with Custom WaveFront can commonly fix the problem or specialized laser protocols such as topography based laser may be helpful.

Mark Golden, MD
Chicago Ophthalmologist

Irregular Astigmatism After PRK

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Irregular astigmatism is not common but entirely possible following laser vision correction. It can sometimes be treated with a custom wavefront guided procedure and can be tested with a PreVue lens.  While this takes time and is not exact, you would be able to feel comfortable viewing the result before undergoing another surgical procedure.  Specialized contact lenses by an expert fitter can often enable good vision.

Sandy Feldman, MD
San Diego Ophthalmologist

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