Is It Possible or Common for Latisse to Stop Working?

My second bottle of Latisse does not seem to be maintaining the results I got from the first bottle. I had great lashes after 12 weeks, the first bottle lasted easily 5 months. Now, my outer lashes seem okay but the inner to middle are definitely not as long as before. Any ideas?

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It is not common for Latisse to stop working after it started working

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It is not common for Latisse to stop working after it started working. Anything of course is possible. And, different patients respond differently. Some patients respond with a very robust growth in lashes while others may see a more subtle difference. But, the product does work in most patients. And, it’s uncommon for it to stop working if it is used continuously.

New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Latisse usually works consistently for eyelash growth. Typically one bottle lasts one month. If you are finding that one bottle lasts five months, then you may not be applying it correctly. I would suggest reviewing this with the doctor that you purchased the Latisse from.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

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