Is it common for Sculptra to absorb differently from one side to the other?

I had injections in each side of my face three times with one month intervals.....the results so far are very subtle however I've notice that one side is fuller and different from the other I'm waiting to see if it evens out with a little more time.....what do you think????/ It's been one month since the last one......

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Is it common for Sculptra to absorb differently from one side to the other?

Sculptra would not absorb differently from one side to the other, but it is possible that you are seeing a difference between sides.  Most people are not exactly symmetric, so sometimes the starting point is different before any treatment.  Normally, any asymmetry at the start can be taken into account and the Sculptra can be injected in a manner to make the sides more even.  I would discuss your concern with the physician who treated you, as it should be possible to make the sides more even.  

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Sculptra and absorption in the Face

Sculptra is a great product and causes natural living and volume restoration.  I love this product! However, the difference in your face can be due to basic facial asymmetry or to the injection of more volume of Sculptra in one side versus the other.  I would wait two more weeks to see the full effect and if need be return to your treating physician to have them correct the asymmetry.  Please be certain to find a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with facial injections for the best results.

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Sculptra Asymmetry vs Facial Asymmetry

Although possible it is not likely that Sculpra would absorb differently from cheek to cheek.
Rather, it is probably from the asymmetry of cheeks that we all have, differerent depth of injection or different amounts injected. 

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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It will take more time...

Sculptra provides a very natural and gradual process of improving volume in the face, primarily the cheeks, jowl areas and temples.  You may have had one side of the face slightly fuller than the other before any Sculptra was injected.  Given that you have had 3 sessions of Sculptra with monthly intervals between each session, the unevenness could have been addressed at the second or third Sculptra session.  Without any photos, it is difficult to say how to proceed.  If the unevenness is subtle, I would not proceed with any more injections.  If you had a decent response so far but you and your doctor think that you could benefit from some more volume, then another session of Sculptra with placing more in the less full side may be a good option.  Good luck.

Tae Ho Kim, MD
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