Is it common for a nurse to perform the filler injections?

I scheduled an appointment with my Dr and then found out her nurse was the one that would be performing the injections. Should I cancel and find a Dr that does this?

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Doc's nurses often do their injectables for them when they themselves aren't that good at it.

Experienced RNs can do good injections as well as docs. Many board certified plastic surgeons are lowsy at injections of the skin so they have their RNs get trained and do it for them. Sometimes it is a matter of it is beneath them to do something so trivial or doesn't make a lot a money for them etc.... You do pay more when you are getting your injectables from your doc rather than a nurse and usually it is worth the extra expense, especially if you are getting them done by a board certified derm surgeon. Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

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