Is It Common for Nose Tip 10 Months After Rhinoplasty to Go Back to Its Regular Bulbous Pre-surgery Appearance?

My nose was not too bulbous, more like rounded and unrefined. After closed rhino it was just narrowed down (not made "pointy"). It has maintained its narrowed appearance even with water retention, allergy etc for about 10 months. But for the past 2 weeks i noticed the tip has taken its original bulbous appearance. It looks exactly as it did prior to surgery and for no particular reason. Is the tip reverting to original shape common? And anything I can do or apply now to minimize this change?

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Nasal Tip 10 Months after Rhinopasty

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Your tip is not reverting to the pre-op appearance. It frequently takes at least a year, with variations in swelling, to see the final result. Be patient and share your concerns with your surgeon.

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Evolving Nasal Tip 10 months after Rhinoplasty

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The shape of the nasal tip after surgery can fluctuate and change over the course of a year or more. This change is due to maturing scar tissue and skin contraction around the cartilage framework of the nose. There are non-surgical treatments that can be performed. But, an evaluation by your plastic surgeon will help to determine the right treatment for you at this time. 

Thanks for your question. Best of Luck!

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