Is It Common to Be Experiencing Problems 6 1/2 Weeks After Face, Neck, and Upper and Lower Eye Surgery? (photo)

Surgery was 6 1/2 weeks ago. I had a neck lift, mini face lift, and upper and lower eye surgery. I am experiencing a droopy lower lid on left eye and my mouth does not turn upwards on the right side when I smile. I have no bruising or swelling at this time, but I have red, puffy areas under my eyes that almost look as though they are blistered. The redness and puffiness gets worse the more fatigued I am. I did EVERYTHING I was supposed to do to help with the healing process. PLEASE HELP!!!! I look worse at this point than I did before the surgery.

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Problems after face/neck lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty

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Weakness in the face after facelift surgery can happen, but it is rare to be permanent. While it is hard to tell from your photos, it does appear that there is some, albeit less than the left side, movement on the right side of your face. If this is the case, then with time, the right side should continue to get stronger, although it can take several months to improve.

With regard to your eyelids, it is hard to see if an incision was made on the outside of the lower eyelid. If you also had laser or a chemical peel to improve the lower eyelid skin, this can lead to redness, especially with heat or exertion for several months afterwards but will return to normal.

Your lower eyelid tightness may improve with time, but can also be improved with some massage, taping, or steroid injection. I would definitely ask your surgeon about this.

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