Why is It Common to Develop Hard Lumps on the Abdomen After Smart Lipo Surgery?

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Lumps after Smart Lipo

Fat occasionally dissolves unevenly. We don’t see this complication too often in our practice. Smooth, even application of the laser tip is necessary to get a smooth result.

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Lumps and Bumps After Smartlipo

It is not rare at all to have hard lumps and bumps after any form of liposuction in the short term, Smartlipo notwithstanding. This is the result of multiple factors including scar tissue, fluid collections and areas of fat necrosis. These are common as the subcutaneous tissues heal and may persist for up to six months or longer after surgery. Almost all of these hard lumps and bumps will soften and blend in better with time  and most will no longer be able to be felt within a year after the procedure. They can be helped early on in the recovery process by soft tissue manipulations such as massage and ultrasound therapies.

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Why is It Common to Develop Hard Lumps on the Abdomen After Smart Lipo Surgery?

As a National Smart lipo Trainer I can offer some reasons. First, there could be bleeding into those areas. Second, scar tissue could be forming. Thirdly, the area was done treared correctly, leaving residual fat. Next, you were not a good candidate. Or a combination of all of these. I recommend aggressive lymphatic massages and external ultrasound therapy. Best 

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