What Are the Common Complaints with Lumineers?

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What Are Common Complaints With Lumineers?

Lumineers are a product that can give you a nice result if used in the right situations.  The problem that I see with Lumineers is that doctors attempt to use this product where it is not warranted.  The main marketing pitch with Lumineers is that they are "non-prep", meaning that you do not need to remove any tooth structure to place the restorations.  This simply cannot be done in a good portion of cases and give an acceptable aesthetic result.  They are fine to use in cases where there is significant spacing, but not a good idea to use in cases that are crowded or have darkly stained teeth.  I think that traditional veneers are always going to give you a superior result, but Lumineers are cheaper and for some people that is a factor.  Good luck.  

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