How Common Are Bumps Around Sutures Following Labiaplasty?

Are hard bumps considered abnormal?

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Bumps after labiaplasty

Bumps are common after labiaplasty using a wedge method.  They should resolve in 3-6 months.  If they persist, the method may have been an amputation method.  That is one of the disadvantages of the amputation method. If that is the case, revision surgery can help with the bumpy appearance. 

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Labiaplasty healing

It can take 4-6 months for a labiaplasty to completely heal, so it's not uncommon to have swelling, soreness, firmness, and some unevenness during this time. Sometimes gentle massage can help.

Make sure you keep all your follow up appointments with your plastic surgeon. I hope this helps and wish you all the best!

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Labiaplasty healing

Most areas of firmness and bumps will soften and fade by 4-6 months.  The type of suture and time to dissolve can affect this

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Healing after labia reduction surgery

If the “hard bumps” you are referring to is scar tissue along the incision line then this is part of the normal healing process. These areas should soften up over the course of several months. If you are concerned however examination by your plastic surgeon is the best way to go.

Best wishes.

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Labiaplasty scars and recovery.

Bumps around labiaplasty incisions can occur following labiaplasty surgery and typically resolve with time. Gentle massage can help soften the scars. If there is any drainage or if the suture line opens it will be important for you to consult your srgeon.

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Labiaplasty Recovery

Like most surgeries, full recovery from Labiaplasty takes approximately 3-6 months until the patient experiences the final result.  Depending upon surgical technique and healing differences between one patient and the next, it is not uncommon to see and feel some irregularity (or "bumps") along the suture line for up to  3+ months following the surgery.  If you are beyond this point post-op then the next thing to do is raise the question with your surgeon at your next follow up visit.  Keep in mind also that the normal edge of the labia minora is not necessarily smooth but rather ropey/irregular. Best of luck...RAS

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Labiaplasty Results Take At Least Three Months To Appear Normal

It is not uncommon for women undergoing a labiaplasty to feel firmer areas or "lumps" along the incision areas. Most surgeons who perform these types of surgeries use dissolving sutures externally so that they do not need to be removed at a certain time.  This can lead the edges of the labia minora to feel firmer or like there are ridges/lumps for a while.  In addition, some of the bruising that always occurs can lead to some small firm areas until the bruise dissolves.  Generally at the three month mark these things have taken care of themselves and appear normal.  If there are persistent problems after that, then these should be addressed with the surgeon who performed the procedure.  I hope this helps.

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Bumps after labiaplasty

Lumps and bumps after labiaplasty is often caused by suture placed deep to the incision.  Depending the caliber of the suture and whether dissolvable sutures were used, the bumps can be significant and last a long time or soften and dissappear altogether.  I use dissolvable sutures that the if I notice bumps under the incision, these tend to resolve on their with a noticeable difference with each month that passes.  If there is a significant bump or if a suture starts to poke through, then I may remove the suture - providing enough time has passed to allow the incision to heal.  Hope this helps & good luck.

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Depends upon technique

When done properly (my opinion of course) any bumps soften and eventually go away over the first few months.


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