Is It Common For the Incision To Open And Drain After An Abdominoplasty?

Is It Common For the Incision To Open And Drain After An Abdominoplasty?

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Tummy tuck and wound healing

Although most patients do not develop an opening or drainage from their tummy tuck incision, this situation can occasionally occur.  If it does, one should promptly notify their surgeon and follow their doctor's advice.  They may suggest antibiotics or further surgical treatment if an infection has developed or if non healthy tissue is present. In most cases these areas will heal with good local wound care

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Is It Common For the Incision To Open And Drain After An Abdominoplasty?

No not really but based upon the very limited information you have posted the best advise is seek a second opinion in person in your area. 

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Drainage after abdominoplasty

No it is not common to have your incision line open and have a lot of drainage. I would be more concerned also if the surrounding skin was red and warm, and if you were having fever or chills. These are sogns of possible infection. Other issues which can contribute or make your healing complicated include diabetes and smoking. If you are smoking - stop immediately. 

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Question about an open incision after a tummy tuck

There can be open areas along the incision line after a tummy tuck. Typically, these are small and sometimes related to deep sutures coming through the skin. Larger areas are less common and can be due to several factors including infection and loss of viability of tissue. You did not mention how large this area is, however.

If you indeed have an open area, you should contact your surgeon for an evaluation and appropriate treatment.

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Incision problems after abdominoplasty

It is not common for this to happen.  However, every plastic surgeon who has done many tummy tucks will occasionally see this problem.  The drainage will subside and management of this problem is either to pack the wound open or go back to the operating room and close the wound as a secondary procedure.

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Wound healing after tummy tuck

It is not uncommon for patients to have small superficial separation of the wound edges after tummy tuck  surgery. Often the separation of the wound edges is associated with serous  (yellow) fluid drainage. Generally, these superficial separations heal spontaneously.  You should be concerned if there are any signs of infection such as fevers,  chills,  redness of the skin, thicker  drainage etc.

Continue close follow-up with your plastic surgeon with any questions or concerns.

Best wishes.

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Tummy tuck complications

The simple answer is NO, it is not common for the incision to open and drain after tummy tuck. Small open areas related to extruding sutures are not uncommon, but they heal spontaneously in a few days. A central lower abdominal area of necrosis with wound dehiscence is, unfortunately, not uncommon either, and delays healing, sometimes resulting in a worse scar or surgical revision. This occurs more often in smokers. If this has happened to you or somebody you know, call the surgeon right away.

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