Is It Comman to Have a Hematoma 6 Months After Breast Reduction Surgery?

i hade surgery 11 months ago but then had an area that would not heal so it was cut out and stitched again. Now 6 months after that same area has developed a hematoma the size of a this normal?

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At six months after revision it is unlikely that you formed a hematoma. Are you sure it is not fat necrosis. However, it is best to have this checked out by yoru surgeon to be sure.

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Probably scar tissue

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Thanks for your question. Without seeing you or a picture it is hard to comment. It sounds like it might just be some scar tissue. Normally this goes away on its own. Sometimes massage of the area will help. This would best be directed by your surgeon.

M. Scott Haydon, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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