Is there anything that can be done to correct swelling following tear trough implants 2 and a half months post op? (photos)

On August 18, I underwent under eye fat removal with tear trough implants. I also had a chemical peel. I still have sensitivity and swelling under both eyes to the point that I can visibly see the implant which is leaving a noticeable indent at the outer corner of each eye I have taken 2 rounds of oral steroid, steroid ointment, and Flector patches and swelling remains. Swelling decreases in the evening and increases during the day. Is there anything that can be done to fix this?

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Tear trough implant problem

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Not sure if what you are describing is swelling or the actual implant or something else. See you surgeon and/or see an oculoplastic specialist.

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This was a great implant in the late 90's when we really had nothing else.

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I my opinion these implants are obsolete.  That does not mean that you can't fill heal. It is important to determine if there is evidence of implant seroma or any signs of infection.  If the implants are tender, or if the skin gets red off steroids, these implants should be removed.  If this is not going on, you can soldier on.  Sometimes it can take 4 months or more for swelling associated with silicone implants to settle down.  When and if it does, I think you will still have issues with your surgery.  I think that the surgery has compromised the lower eyelid position.  Generally in these circumstances I replace the silicone implant with a hand custom carved ePTFE rim implant an reconstruct the lower eyelid.  I think it is still too early to say that is what you need but yes, you are having a problem.  Down load my free ebook on eyelid surgery which discusses this surgery in more detail.  Consider posting in a month or so and up date us on how you are doing.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Tear trough implants

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From these photos and your narrative I am assuming these are hard implants and not filler. They are pretty visible at this point, and look like they are riding high in the lid so that you can see the edge.  As the swelling goes down they  will probably be more noticeable.  I think that they will probably need to be removed, and you may want to stick with HA filler or a fat transfer       

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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