Before I consider an implant, should I get a retainer to try and shift my teeth because I now have a space in my mouth?

I wore braces for 3 years followed by a mold worn at night. After I stopped wearing the mold, my bottom teeth shifted to the point where the tooth next to the middle center is almost directly behind it. I have recently had one of my bottom molars removed.

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Dental implants and orthodontics

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If you would like to straighten your lower front teeth, then you should have this addressed prior to the placement of the implant.
The reason for this is that the site for the implant to be placed may change after the teeth have been moved orthodontically.

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An implant and braces

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I would recommend you get your teeth straightened before you get an implant. That way you can have a perfectly aligned implant for a better bite after the braces.

Retainer, implant

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Without photos and X-rays it is difficult to give you accurate advice.  However, there are many situations that both retainer and implants can be done at the same time when the dentist and the orthodontist work closely together to accommodate both straightening the teeth and placing an implant.


Dr. Maddahi

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