I Have Spacing Issues, as Well as Periodontal Disease. Is Comestic Treatment Right for Me?

I'm 20 years old and have always had problems with my teeth. My folks never really made an issue about it just the regular dental visits and such. I've noticed they were spacing apart a couple of years ago and some are a bit sore like underneath my teeth. There's a constant itchy feeling but goes away after a few rinses using a strong mouth wash; i know i have periodontal disease and was wondering if I qualify for cosmetic treatment? I just want normal teeth like others have.

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I would Treat the Periodontal Disesase First and Then Look into Cosmetic Treatment

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I would recommend taking care of any actual disease prior to cosmetic treatment.  Being 20 years old you have to focus on your oral health and home care.  Your gums and bone are your foundation for your teeth.  Once you get the periodontal disease under control then you can look into cosmetic procedures.  If you do the cosmetic work first,  your periodontal disease may progress more rapidly and you may end up actually losing teeth.

Focus on health and prevention.  A healthy mouth leads to a healthy body.  Get your foundation healthy and then go from there!

New York Dentist

Periodontial Disease and Cosmetic Dentistry....which comes first?

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I am so sorry that your parents were remiss in not making sure you saw a dentist at least twice a year when you were a child.  Most of gum disease can be avoided by professional clleanings twice yearly and being taught proper hygiene; brushing and flossing after meals and before bedtime. You first need to address your gum disease and see a periodontist who can help put you on the right track.  Gum disease just gets worse if not treated and you are very young and you need to keep your permanent teeth. Your bone structure of your mouth is the foundation of your oral health along with your gums.  You want to make sure you get this under control first so you have healthy gums before you start cosmetic work.  if you do cosmetic first, you  take a chance of your teeth loosening and then you are looking at implants.  So please start seeing a periodontist and seek help for your gums.....you are young and you can reverse this!  Then get your cosmetic work and you will be happy with your smile as well as your mouth in general!

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

Periodontal Disease wanting cosmetic work

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I consider the gums the foundation for your mouth.  It must be healthy before any major work being done.  Otherwise you compromise not only the result but the quality of the restorations placed on the teeth.  Many times there is a severe amount of gum disease that surgery needs to be done.  Or some teeth have lost enough bone where they are at risk of being lost.  Only after these issues are addressed would you be a candidate for cosmetic treatment.  Sometimes cosmetic treatment can not only enhance the look you are trying to accomplish, but also addresses the crookedness of teeth and allows for a better functioning bite for you to lesson the future risk of gum disease.  I would recommend you seek a proper examination with xrays with a qualified dentist in both gum issues and cosmetic treatment.  Especially if you have not seen someone in a very long time.  Good luck!

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A new smile is something you'll wear everyday!

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Seems like we are all on the same page on this issue.  Periodontal disesase is a problem that must be dealt with before any cosmetic work is to be done!  That being said, implants and cosmetic dentistry do go hand in hand and the final and stable results can be fantastic.  Please remember that if you have had perio for a while then  the possiblitlity that you have lost supprt in your bitte is a key and rebuilding the back support  will not only help you smile but, support your facial features and maybe take a few years off the aging process.

All the Best,


douglas hauck dds, calif.

Douglas J. Hauck, DDS
Newport Beach Dentist

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