How Come the Lifting of the Nose Don't Result in Its Projection?

I just consulted a plastic surgeon. He did a simultation, and the nose looked different than my past consultations with other doctors. When I asked him if the nose will look longer from the profile (more projected), he said no. I was suprized by this, since I know that once the nose is lifted nose gets more projected. What technique is this surgeon using, then? I have a droopy tip and he just made it less droopy without messing with its projection. Thanks!

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Rotation and projection not related

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Rotation and projection are not related and can be independently altered. Rotation must affect nasal length. A more rotated nose is shorter and less rotated longer. Projection however can be increased and decreased indpendently

Tip Projection and Tip Rotation in Rhinoplasty

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Lifting the tip of the nose by rotation of the cartilages and/or shortening of the septum will not usually make the nose look longer. (have more projection) Getting more projection with tip rotation by cartilage grafting of the columella or tip will give more projection as the tip comes up. This is why it is important to be clear as to exactly what result you want from your rhinoplasty surgery.


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The nose can be lifted without lengthening it.  If the nasal-lip angle is made larger by lifting it, it can appear more projected.  If the nose is lifted with a strut, the nose may be more projected.  In other words, the are lots of issues that are involved with projecting and lifting the nose and not all need to affect the other.  Consult with a board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon to have a detailed plan outlined for your individual nose.  All the best.

David Alessi, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Changes in Tip Projection

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Just because the tip is lifted does not mean that projection is increased. I can actually decrease projection when lifting the tip. There are multiple techniques that can be used used in tip surgery that will influence the final tip position.     

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty for drooping tip

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 The rhinoplasty procedure can  accomplish many different things including increasing the projection of the tip, or decrease in the projection of the tip depending upon what  maneuvers are performed during the surgery.   When the tip is droopy, it's important to bring the tip upwards and give the appropriate amount of projection relative to the remainder of the nose and bridge line. Please see the link below for  examples of droopy tips we have repaired in our practice.


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The apparent projection of the nasal tip is dependent on many things. It is also relative to the dorsum, or bridge of the nose. As the dorsum is lowered the tip will appear to have more projection. This only works to a certain degree because lowering the dorsum too much can cause a whole host of different problems. Tip projection can also be increased with the use of sutures and/or grafts. So.... there is really not an easy answer for you. You are right however in questioning your different surgeons as to how they are able to achieve the results they propose. Good luck.

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