Would Combining Profractional Laser Resurfacing and Dermarolling After Two Months Help in Reduction of Acne Scars?

I just had sciton profractional laser resurfacing for acne scars at 600 microns done two weeks ago. There were significant improvement in the appearance of scars. But still, I want to improve it further. Would it be a good idea to do undergo medical dermarolling with 1.5 mm 2 months post laser resurfacing to help in collagen formation? Afterall, there is no ablation of collagen with dermaroller. Your just trying to "trick" your skin in producing more collagen?

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Dermarolling After Profractional Laser

Thank you for sharing your questions.  Your best source of information about the timing of any post resurfacing treatments should come from the physician that did your resurfacing. If you are completely healed without any post procedure redness or irritation, it will most likely be fine. As for how effective derma rolling will be, the jury is out. Theoretically, the depth of injury should be nearly 2.5x as deep as your 600 micron pro fractional treatment. Although no vaporization of tissue or heat transfer occurs with the device, a "considerable increase in collagen and elastin" was shown in a South African study with 4x/weekly use of the roller + vit a/c cream.  In full disclosure, I have not personally evaluated the soundness of this study or the results so my knowledge is limited. The increase in collagen and elastin could be from the topical treatments alone. 

Other than being prepared to tolerate some level of discomfort you should make sure you are adequately sterilizing the roller as my greatest concern is your risk of infection from repeated use. I hope this helps. Take care.

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