Combining Breast Aug/Tuberous Breast Correction Surgery with Rhinoplasty Most Time/Money Efficient?

The surgeon I am leaning towards to perform my breast surgery (silicone overs, mild tuberous breast correction) does not do rhinoplasty. Is it possible to have 1 surgeon do 1 procedure and have another do the other in the same day? Would this cost more or less than having 2 separate procedures? Do I need to find a surgeon adept at both? Have you ever worked with another surgeon like this? Is it typical to give "discounts" on combined procedures?

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It is possible to get 2 surgeon involved but you should have your current PS find one that is willing to do this.  Another option is to find a PS that can do both.

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Combing Breast Augmentation and correction of Tuberous Breast Deformity with Rhinoplasty

In general, breast procedures and nose surgery go well together and there is some savings in both cost and recovery time when you do them together. A consultation will help you understand what is entailed in correcting a tuberous breast problem at the same time as doing a breast augmentation. If you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty, then the details of that procedure can be discussed. I have attached some information for you to read below.

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Combined surgery

Most plastic surgeons are adept at both surgeries. I'm not sure why your surgeon only does breast surgery. If he or she does not perform rhinoplasty, he or she could recommend someone to do this at the same time. It is less cost to do surgery to together. Some surgeons give discounts on multiple procedures, but my practice does not.

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You can combine breast augmentation and rhinoplasty but need an expert

Thank you for your question. I suggest you seek consultation with additional board certified plastic surgeons until you've find a surgeon who is expert and both rhinoplasty in breast augmentation. These procedures are often combined but only with very experienced board certified plastic surgeons who achieve excellent results with both breast augmentation and rhinoplasty.

Combining Breast Aug/Tuberous Breast Correction Surgery with Rhinoplasty Most Time/Money Efficient?

There are a few plastic surgeons who are experts at both procedures. The procedures could be performed at the same time with a discount.

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Tuberous breasts and rhino

I would go on several consultations with surgeons in your area till you find one doing both procedures or two who will work together to get you the results you desire at the same time

Dr Corbin

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Combining breast surgery and rhinoplasty

It is time and cost efficient to do both at the same setting, but the skill sets are quite different, and someone who is proficient at tuberous breast correction may not be an excellent choice for rhinoplasty, and vice versa.

It will be best for you to find the surgeons or surgeon that you feel comfortable with for the procedures, and then see about scheduling issues. You will be better off with two surgeons who are expert in the procedures than one who can do both but neither well!

Best wishes.

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