Is It Safe to Combine Refirme with Other Laser Treatments?

I went to a medspa offering Triniti laser skin series by Syneron. It's 3 treatments in 1 session: FotoFacial Ir, Refirme and Matrix Ir (for wrinkles).

I was wondering if it is safe to combine these treatments and what is the downtime and possible side effects? Thanks in advance for your time.

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Combining Refirme Treatments

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Yes, these treatments may be combined safely. Make sure you seek an experienced and reputable practitioner to perform your treatments.


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Yes, we use IPL, Refirme, and sometimes eMatrix or CO2 resurfacing. Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

Triniti treatments combine the best of several technologies....

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We offer Triniti treatments here in Atlanta (we call it "Triple Dimension Treatments"). It's absolutely safe to have all 3 treatments at once. The FotoFacial will reduce sun damage and broken capillaries and will improve skin texture. The Refirme treatment will help tighten skin. The Matrix IR treatment uses laser energy and radiofrequency to really work on deeper lines and wrinkles. Results are technique-dependent, so be sure your provider does a lot of these treatments. Best wishes!

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