Combination of Sculptra with Other Fillers. Anything I Should Watch Out For?

I have previously had unknown filler injected to correct my nasolabial fold 10 years ago. The doctor told me that it is a temporary filler with effect last for around 4-6 years. However, I feel that some of the filler is still palpable. I have recently had two sessions of Sculptra injection done on my face including the nasolabial fold. Will there be any adverse interaction between Sculptra and the unknown filler? What should I watch out for?

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I would not think that a temporary filler would last this long, unless it is polymethylmethacrylate.  I would recommend consulting with a facial plastic surgeon for an evaluation prior to any treatment. 

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Can you use Sculptra with other fillers?

Sculptra is considered a bio-stimulant rather than a filler.  What this means is that it stimulates the body to make collagen which creates the aesthetic improvement.  It is hard to say what was injected 10 years ago but only two fillers have the potential to still be around, silicone and polymethylmethacrylate. Both of these fillers stimulate a mild foreign body reaction which could be made worse by Sculptra injection.  My recommendation would be to avoid injections to your nasolabial fold with Sculptra.  

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