Chemical Peel and Laser Treatment for Rosacea?

Will a combination of chemical peel and laser treatment be effective for rosacea?

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Peel No; Laser Will Help

A chemical peel for Rosacea is a bad idea. The alcohol in the peeling agent will often flare this condition. I have seen a number of patients through the years who, being convinced at a medi-spa that a peel would be helpful, underwent the procedure. They then consulted me since their face was red and flushed. Anything that dries quickly seems to activate the blood vessels causing dilatation; just what you do not want with rosacea.

On the other hand, IPL and lasers will help. However, if your expectations are too high you might be disappointed. I have seen definite improvement with the IPL ( in the green spectrum) and the pulsed dye laser. But I rarely see total resolution.

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Treatment for Rosacea

If you have true acne rosacea with the white bumps as well as redness then a light chemical peel might be beneficial for the acne component. For the redness a chemical peel will be of no benefit. The treatment for the vascular component of acne rosacea is a vascular laser. Usually either IPL or pulsed dye laser is used.

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